Melt In Your Mouth Caesar Chicken

Traditional ‘Melt in Your Mouth’ chicken takes basic boneless skinless breasts and bakes them in a simple sour cream mixture so you get meat that’s incredibly succulent and moist. This is the same concept – you still get amazingly moist chicken – but it adds in flavor from caesar dressing, so it’s a little bit garlicky, a whole lot creamy, and still very easy to make. It’s the ultimate weeknight chicken option – quick and easy but also super yummy!

You’ll want to start by pounding your chicken breasts to an even thickness. While it’s not absolutely necessary, it does help to make sure everything cooks evenly and it cuts down on the cooking time a bit if you have particularly thick breasts.

But the magic is in the “sauce” that this bakes in. I hesitate to call it a sauce because all you’re really doing is stirring together sour cream, caesar dressing, garlic powder, and some parmesan. That gets poured alllll over the chicken…

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