Jalapeño Bomers


For 1 pack of Bacon I used
6 jalapeños cut in half,takes out the seeds
1 pack of Bacon
1 package of Cream cheese


Boil your halfs of jalapeños for like 5 minutes after pot/pan starts to boil. Let your jalapenos cool down before your fill them with cream cheese. After you filled them inn,Wrap each half Jalapeño with Bacon. Place them in the oven at 350° for about 30 minutes Or until your Bacon is done.
Note: Some people like to add different kinds of Cheeses. And other stuff. I personally LOVE them simple. Love the Cream cheese and Jalapeño.Mmmm. Also IF you like spicy. DON’T Boil your Jalapeños.You can also just split your Jalapeño a little and takes seeds out.And fill inn with cream cheese and you’ll have a Whole Jalapeño Bomber. Yummm!!

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