Only a hater would thumbs down this recipe !! Just follow the recipe as directed and the result will be nothing short of wooow…Got you looking like a real winner out here! !!


– Ham: 1/2 (boneless & smoked)

– Honey: 1 cup

– Butter: 1/2 Cup

– Brown sugar: 1/2 cup

– Extra virgin olive oil: 1 Tbsp


1. Before you begin, you need to cover the deep tray where the ham will go with aluminum foil. This is just to avoid problems with the honey when it sticks.

2. To prepare the sauce, start by heating half a cup of butter over medium heat in a pot with a teaspoon of olive oil. Using a spatula, stir until it melts and forms a liquid.

3. You’ll want to add about 100 grams of brown sugar and a cup of honey in the sauce and stir. Now that everything is well unified, let it heat over low heat while you prepare the rest of the recipe.

4. The ham should be cut into thin strips whose cut does not reach the end and then placed on the tray that you had covered with aluminum foil.

5. Now comes the part for the more artistic ones, paint all the ham with the sauce you had previously made using a brush, being careful no hole is left unpainted. I find it very useful to do go over it several times. And please note that you must save the sauce for later steps.

6. So that the ham does not burn too much in the oven and comes out perfect, you need to cover it with more aluminum foil.

7. Alright, bake at a little less than 200 gegrees (about 120 minutes). You must calculate that for each kilo you should cook for 3o mins depending on the weight of the ham of course. Not to forget, you must also remove it from the oven and give it a new pass with the honey sauce every 20 or 25 minutes.

8. Always remember to put your oven, in the last 10 minutes of baking, in grill mode to perfectly brown the surface of the ham. Finally, remove your ham from the oven and

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