Banana Pudding Pound Cake

Best Banana Pudding Pound Cake with Amaretto Liqueur is from scratch and has banana pudding, amaretto (almond) liqueur, cream cheese, and Nilla wafers. All the classic banana pudding ingredients in a totally homemade pound cake recipe.

I combined two traditionally Southern and perpetually favorite desserts into one cake! Yep! Southern Pound Cake and Banana Pudding crashed into each other and the result was a beautiful thing!

This Southern pound cake has classic components. It’s buttery, with a fine crumb, and crusty top. It’s flavored with banana pudding in both the cake and the glaze. Also, both are spiked with Amaretto (almond) liqueur. Finally, I finished it with Nilla wafer crumbs both for taste, texture, and garnish.

Also, I garnished the top of the cake with mint leaves and banana slices. I recommend waiting until just before you serve it to garnish with bananas slices. They tend to turn brown quickly.

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